System 50 mm

Amari Austria - Flood protection systems made with aluminum

The 50 mm thick stop logs are predominantly used in property protection.

Thanks to low stop log weight of 6.25 kg per running metre, they can be installed by a single person. No tools are needed for installation. Additional tensioning elements can be used to increase the stop logs’ contact pressure onto the side seal.

All seals used are made from UV-resistant EPDM and are highly resistant against environmental impact and mechanical damage.

The seals are flush-fitted into the profiles and can easily be replaced when damaged.

The lateral guiding rails can be mounted both in and in front of the reveal. A central column is used to bridge larger spans. The central column is either mounted by means of anchor plates set in concrete or using glued-in anchors with internal threads.

To protect them from dirt, it is recommended to close the lateral profiles using a cover which can be delivered powder-coated in any RAL-colour.

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